Learning Classical Guitar


This new edited compact guitar book will teach you playing classical guitar in the easiest and in the more efficient way, without too much effort. In this book I tell you step by step all my experiences while I taught myself playing classical guitar.
So this book will teach you reading musical notations through tablatures, through chords and pentagrams. This teaching method was designed by myself, and it is based on my own experiences and without helping of any music teacher.
I also have to tell you that I have never studied music that is why I could make this book with very simple words. In other words, in this book there are not to much technical music terms.
When I decided to edit this book, I read some web sites from some autor who are willing to help people that wanted to learn playing guitar and I picked out some importante subjects and wrote them down in this book .

Los libros tienen el formato Epub y mobi, pero se bajan en formato “winrar”, Usted necesita descomprimir el archivo (unzip) para leer los libros.

Si no puede bajar o descomprimir el archivo, favor enviar un mail.

You download the files in the format “winrar”, you need unzip these files to read the ebook in Epub or mobi format.

If you cannot download or unzip the files, feel free to send me an email.

Email: informa@mentor-forma-lideres.com


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